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In the spirit of great television programming
such as “Cops” and “Real Stories from the Highway Patrol,”
we are proud to present -
COPNET, The Police Radio Network.
Cross over the thin blueline!

COPNET is a nationally syndicated, award winning radio show where, police issues, crime prevention, police-community relations, and citizen interaction is the talk. COPNET brings real life police issues and events to your listeners.

The COPNET Team Throughout the show listeners will have the opportunity to hear from hero police officers, judicial officials, state attorneys, public defenders, crime victims, and other interesting and exciting guests. COPNET provides an excellent forum for law enforcement agencies to educate the public on police matters and procedures and to voice their opinions on different issues and community concerns.

Segments such as “The Best of the Best in Law Enforcement”, “Heroes Amongst Us”, and “Be on the Lookout”, and many others, highlight and recognize exemplary acts performed by both law enforcement personnel and citizens, alike, who have distinguished themselves in a common goal of crime prevention. Throughout the show listeners will also hear tapes of actual crimes in progress, bulletins of wanted criminals, and will even be solicited to be the extra eyes and ears of the police. Using the media of radio and reaching out to an unlimited number of listeners, enables COPNET to create a forum of community-orientated policing on the radio where the possibilities are endless.

Janet Reno, Bill Erfurth, Nathan Johnston COPNET is a show like no other. Its upbeat, positive, state of the art approach will keep your audience on the edge of their seats. We urge you to be part of the show that is being talked about from your house to the White House and from ABC to CNN. Become affiliated with COPNET, The Police Radio Network.

COPNET RADIO AFFILIATE STATIONS AND AIRTIMES - COPNET - The Police Radio Network is aired weekly and now airs a new one hour show Monday to Friday in select locations. Use the link below for current stations and times.

COPNET's Stations and Airtimes Listing

Until next time! Thanks for riding along with the men and women
of law enforcement, this shift is over!
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