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Show Segment Descriptions:
All Points Bulletin" or APB, standby for an APB, information, advice and how the cops really make things happen. Straight from COPNET'S HOTSHEET it's the "All Points Bulletin".

Be on the Lookout" or BOLO, which works with such groups as Crimestoppers and local police departments, is a segment about most wanted suspects. When a crime is committed, a "BOLO" is issued, "Be On the Look Out".

Best of the Best" usually highlights oustanding law enforcement personnel. COPNET salutes performance above and beyond the call of duty. These are members of law enforcement who distinguish themselves as "The Best of the Best in Law Enforcement".

"The Detective Bureau" - Plainclothes, undercover, flatfoots, sleuths, dicks or gumshoes no matter what you call them, they're the men and women whose job is to investigate and solve cases. COPNET gives you the inside scoop on how they do it, the techniques, the tools, the tricks of the trade. Lets check into The Detective Bureau.

CopNet's Encyclopedia of Crime selects a page from history revisiting infamous criminals, infamous crimes, many solved, many that will never be solved.

"Heroes Amongst Us" deals with civilians or other law enforcement personnel who have contributed greatly to the community.

"In the Line of Duty", Copnet honours those officers who have layed down their lives in the line of duty.

The "The Interrogation" is the segment which Chief Bill Berger "the cop who knows cops" personally oversees. These segments deal with personalities and hot controversial police operations or issues.

"Life Beyond the Badge" deals with hobbies, activities, or other occupations undertaken by law enforcement personnel.

"Reality Radio" there are no actors here on these audio files. The bad guys are real and and so is the danger. Reality Radio takes you to various dispatch centers located in South Florida - find out what has happened in various communities.

"The Life Savers" Anytime and any place you can find yourself in peril, when seconds count and your very existence hangs in the balance - who will head the call? Men and women who are sworn to protect and serve no matter what the consequences. Those brave enough to step forward, risk it all and snatch someone from the jaws of death. These are the real stories of "The Life Savers"!

"The Survivors Club" There's an exclusive organization in the world of law enforcement, one that nobody wants to join. But when admitted your membership will show how precious life really is. This group doesn't discriminate. It's open to anyone that's been shot, stabbed or bludgeoned and the members have one thing in common - wearing body armor saved their lives. Was it the hand of God or modern technology? These are the stories of the men and women, proud members of "The Survivors Club".

    Combining 50 years of law enforcement experience, COPNET opens the window into the seldom seen world of raw police work. COPNET is where you walk the thin blue line with the men and women of law enforcement.
Until next time! Thanks for riding along with the men and women
of law enforcement, this shift is over!
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