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Chief Bill Berger Meet Chief Bill Berger

Bill Berger is a true trendsetter who is recognized for his innovative spirit, management skills, community service, and leadership in law enforcement technology. At the young age of 45, he has attained goals and endorsements that most individuals never gain in a lifetime. His law enforcement career began with the City of Miami Police Department where he raced through the ranks and was promoted to Captain at age 30 - the youngest ever to reach that level. Bill was the Commander of Miami Homicide during the dubious time when Miami was the murder capital of the country. He oversaw the first ever 800 MHz trunking radio system for law enforcement communications and was the Commander of the Miami Police Academy.

Chief Bill Berger Currently, Chief Berger is in his eighth year as the Chief of Police for North Miami Beach; a department that has grown to one of the top ten most technologically advanced houses in the country mostly due to Billís leadership. Billís current project is the implementation of voice activated laptop computers for use in patrol vehicles. Bill Berger was voted by his peers as Florida Chief of the Year in 1992. In June 1996-97, he was elected the President of the Florida Police Chiefs Association. In October 1996, he was sworn in as the Fifth Vice President of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and in the year 2001, he will be President of IACP, Chief of all Chiefs, and the head of the largest police management organization in the world, with over 15,000 members. He continues to exemplify true dedication to duty as a leader in the international police community.

Lieutenant Bill Erfurth Meet Lt. Bill Erfurth

Bill Erfurth is currently in charge of the Tactical Narcotics Team of the Miami-Dade Police Department, the largest police department in the south- eastern United States. Lieutenant Erfurth, at age 40, has been in law enforcement for 19 years and is a highly decorated member of the department. During his tenure, he has received over 50 commendations including the MDPD Officer of the Year, Dade County Association of Chiefs of Police Officer of the Year and runner-up officer of the year for the State of Florida. He has also been decorated for valor, exceptional service, service excellence, and unwavering dedication to duty.

Lieutenant Bill Erfurth Working the tough streets of one of Americaís highest crime areas and pulling duty throughout the series of riots of the 1980ís, mobilization duty for Hurricane Andrew, the nationís worst national disaster, the papal visit, and assigned to the Presidentís Command Post for the Summit of the Americas, are a few of the tough assignments that Bill has served. Lieutenant Erfurth is a seasoned veteran who is known as a copís cop.

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