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In the three years since this site began, the phenomenal support and participation of the international law enforcement community have made it a premiere on-line resource. CopNet.org was an immediate hit and the activity level has been increasing steadily, and rapidly, ever since. But with popularity have come growing pains. The continuing interest has reinforced our commitment and encouraged us to upgrade the site to make it an even richer source of information and services. Thanks for staying with us while we've been making our improvements behind the scenes.

We're proud to unveil the results. CopNet.org is still made possible by the involvement of thousands of people in the law enforcement community around the world. It still depends on the interaction of the members of this community. You'll still find all the services and information you are used to seeing - in the CopNet Directory; LEO Resources with all its useful resource links; the links to Police Agencies around the world; our calendar of upcoming conferences and events; a new restricted area debuting in mid-June, for the free exchange of ideas and experiences between police officers.

We have redesigned the site and are currently upgrading to make it even easier to use. We've added some new features, too, and we have exciting plans for a variety of new services and resources designed to keep the site dynamic and informative so it continues to be a top law enforcement site on the Web. We welcome your comments on our new look and your suggestions for other enhancements - just contact either admin@copnet.org or leo@copnet.org.

Funding, hardware and software, and technical assistance for CopNet.org is generously provided as a public service by Software Alberta Society, a non-profit organization. The site is monitored and run by volunteers in their free time.

In order to support the extensive upgrades currently underway and to fund plans for future enhancements, CopNet.org now has a companion site called CopMall. CopMall is the one-stop showcase for products and services designed to fill the needs of the law enforcement community. The fees paid by advertisers in CopMall will help maintain CopNet.org as an essential resource and allow us to expand the services it provides.

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